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25 April 2018
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St Johns Higham
Higham Hall Road
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Revd Jane Bury


Latest News & Events
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  RACE NIGHT SATURDAY 14th APRIL at 7pm ..... HIGHAM VILLAGE HALL, HIGHAM £5.00 (ADULTS) £3.00 (Children) There will be 10 races (50p per horse. per race) Includes supper to be served ... More detail »
School Diary Dates
  Diary Dates Wed 21st March—Parents’ Evening Fri 23rd March—Break up for Easter Holiday—3.30pm Mon 9th April—School opens at 8.55am Tue 10th April—Parent Workshops—3.45 to 4.15 / 4.45 to 5.15 Thurs 3rd ... More detail »
Sevices for Lent
  SERVICES FOR LENT, HOLY WEEK AND EASTER 2OI8 Ash Wednesday l4th Feb I l:00 St Anne's 7:00pm St John's (Communion and ... More detail »
Visit our Church Gallery Page
  When viewing our website, particularly from outside our local area, please take a little time to explore our Church Gallery page. All the images diplayed are taken in and ... More detail »
Roof & Gables Update
  A Roof and Gables Repair Update. The challenges presented in providing repair funds have been substantial. After raising money and completing the work on the east end the building, focus shifts ... More detail »
Empty coffers ....leads to empty church !
  Its still not fully understood that Anglican parishes, like Higham, do not receive any money other than what its parishioners give. The parish church gets all its money from you and, ... More detail »
St John's Church Music
  The choir now consists of a dozen adult and young members and is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music. A choir practice is held every Friday - 7.30pm. ... More detail »
Chorister Award
  CHOIR NEWS On Saturday, February 25th, junior chorister Esmé Whitehead received the Archdeacon of Blackburn's Award for loyal service at a Royal School of Church Music's Area Festival, held at ... More detail »
Baby and Toddler Group
  A new season starts from early January 2017 St. John’s will be continuing its Baby and Toddler Group in the Village Hall. It is held on Tuesday mornings, and will run from ... More detail »
Join the Tile Academy
  Are you a member of the Tile Academy yet ? To help raise funds for the repairs to the church roof and gables, the fundraising committee is asking people to sponsor ... More detail »
For Parents ....Parish Commitment Record (PCR)
  The St John’s Parish Commitment Record ( PCR ) enables parents to register their attendances at church services, for use when applying to a faith high school. On parents requiring a ... More detail »
Higham Exhibition and May Fair
  Readers will note that there will be a new look to the Higham Exhibition. This year will see the inauguration of the new Higham Exhibition and May Fair. Starting this year the ... More detail »
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