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19 September 2018
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Revd Jane Bury


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Empty coffers ....leads to empty church !
21 February 2017
Its still not fully understood that Anglican parishes, like Higham, do not receive any money other than what its parishioners give.
The parish church gets all its money from you and, without the money you give, it would be impossible for it to survive. If the parishioners of Higham do not give money to support St John's, it cannot pay its way and will not be viable.

Each year Higham parish must raise 23,000 to give to the Regional HQ at Blackburn Cathedral. This payment is called the Parish Share, and goes towards helping to provide a vicar and supportive administrative services.

We share some of the cost burden with St Anne's, Fence, who pay an equally large sum for their Parish Share.
The term used for this parish partnership is .....a joint benefice.
Few, if any, single parishes could support the costs of the provision of ministry on their own.
This is why, in current circumstances, so many church ministers can have several parishes over which they give ministry.

Furthermore, the parish must also raise another 11,000 to cover the routine running costs of the building and its churchyard.

As you will have worked out, the total costs to run the parish of Higham is a little short of 34,000 per year.

Every effort has been made to reduce costs to a minimum, but there are few items where costs can be cut.
Heating is the one area where savings have been made, and many a winter Sunday morning will testify to the reduction in temperature in a drive for energy cost efficiency .
Unfortunately, few other costs can be reduced as most are fixed outgoings.

The care that you give to Higham Church is its only support, and ALL the money you give goes to ensuring that it can remain viable.
No church organisation will step in to cover its costs.
The many empty and disused church buildings, throughout the area, are an example of unsupported outcomes.

Though not attending church services, many people choose to support the village church by making a modest, but regular, monthly payment to St John's Church.
The Higham Parochial Church Council is indebted to those people who choose to support the church in this way.

A healthy church .....is a sign of a caring village community.
Empty coffers ....leads to empty church !